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Product Care and Handling

Save all manufacturer instructions after assembly. All manufacturers offer several years worth of replacement-part warranty, however you will need the model and part numbers to be able to order them.

Chairs need to be inspected annually (at a minimum) for any loose bolts or screws, and for any signs of unusual wear or stress. If the manufacturer has provided an allen wrench for assembly, use a heavy tape to secure it to the underside of the chair, so that it can be found later when needed.

Furniture with any size or type of doors, when placed on carpet, will not be left perfectly level or square by the installer. The furniture must be placed in its exact location, filled with items (computer, books, etc.) by the customer, and allowed to "settle" into the flooring. After a few days, either the installer (via a revisit) or the customer can easily level or square the doors to complete the assembly.

Furniture with a paper laminate must be cleaned with care. Never spray any cleaner directly on the furniture's surface, always spray the cleaner on a rag or cloth. Endust, 409, or Windex are appropriate cleaners as the "sheen" is already in the paper and you are simply cleaning off the surface. Do not use Pledge or any equivalent furniture polish as it will not soak into the paper properly and will leave a very "greasy" residue on the furniture.

Always use a coaster for any drinks placed on the furniture.

Minor scratches and blemishes can often be covered with a furniture marking pen, available at all home improvement stores. Other items, such as shoe polish or children's crayon can do a very good job.

Move RTA furniture with extreme care. Carefully lift, do not drag furniture, as a leg or molding becoming only slightly "snagged" could easily become "stressed" and then break or weaken a hardware joint. If possible, remove a hutch from the desk or remove doors from an Armoire before moving, to both decrease the furniture's weight and eliminate stress points. "L" or "U"-shaped workcenters are left with the ability to be broken down into smaller, more manageable pieces for easier moving. Assembly Solutions can be called to assist with product relocation at normal service call rates.

Do not attempt to add wheels or castors to any furniture. If the manufacturer did not provide them, then the wood and it's connecting hardware are not engineered for the stress that will be incurred, as the furniture's weight would now be "point loaded" onto the wheels. Additionally, the furniture will likely become unstable and easily topple over.

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